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Modern apartments, offering a feel-good living space!


We provide renovated and well-maintained apartments with a focus on reuse of materials. We choose a wide range of ecologic, recycled materials with an emphasis on upcycling and sustainability and in the process, support suppliers and organisations that contribute to the well-being of all.


Our apartments include eco-efficient and functional appliances that are chosen with special care for quality, design and thought as to where they will be installed to optimize fluidity and space.


That means no more refrigerators that protrude too much from the counter, or stoves that are too small and consume tons of energy! Above all, the time when you were breaking your back moving your 'fridge is over.


In addition to appliances, many services are also included in the monthly rent such as high-speed internet with unlimited downloads, snow removal, lawn mowing, etc.


We eliminate a maximum of inconvenience so that you can spend more time with family and friends, enjoying life. Hassle-free!

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